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      Dongguan Shuo Electronics Co.,Ltd.(Hong Kong Hang Cologne Industrial Co.,Ltd.)was established in May 2005.Total investment of 30million yuan,specializing in high-precision single-sided,double-sided,multilayer,carbon oil board,carbon oil penetration Manufacture and sale of the orifice plate,aluminum plate.1200MM board。Products are widely used in solar energy,LED lights,electronic equipment,industrial Control,computer,household appliances,as well as the national economy and other fields.

    The company is located in Shijie Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province Development Industrial Co.,Ltd.Industrial Park,covering18,000 square meters built Building area of 12780square meters,is a beautiful garden-independent plant.An annual output of the single-sided circuit board 540000square meters,double-sided and 200000 square meters of multi-layer circuit board. 

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